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cesia zelaya

Technical Assistant | BICA Utila

My name is Cesia Zelaya, I am 18 years old, I was born in La Ceiba, Atlántida, Honduras, but I have always lived on the beautiful island of Utila, Islas de la Bahía. Graduated with a professional technical bachelor's degree in computer science and with plans to continue with my studies. Since I was little I have been interested in technology and music, I am a lover of adventure and the unknown, passionate about what I like and determined to achieve what I set out to do.


My interest in nature and conservation arose thanks to the BICA environmental education program at my institute, where they showed me the great problems of the island. With this in mind I decided to do my part to save my island, my home. I am part of a youth group called: Islander's of Change, a group that empowers young people to be the change on their islands. And I want to be the change.
I love this island, it is my home and for everything it has given me, I hope to be able to give it back and take care of it so that it continues to be the home of many more.

Technical Assistant BICA Utila
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