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The Recyclers, BICA Roatan


The Recyclers, BICA Roatan

They are workers dedicated to recovering recyclable materials from the rest of the unusable waste. Recyclers recover mostly plastic bottles and aluminum cans, but also iron cans, plastic baskets and chairs, copper, and iron from construction or electronic devices, among others.

With their work, they reduce the amount of garbage that ends up buried in the municipal landfill and increase the amount of materials that can be reincorporated in the production of new products.

By separating, we dignify the work of recyclers and allow less garbage to end up buried in the landfill, in the sea or in the environment in general.
Waste separation at source is the practice of separating materials that can be reused (or recycled) from those that are waste. In addition, this is exactly the difference between garbage and waste.  The separation must be carried out at the place where the waste is generated: whether at home, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, etc. The types of material to be separated will depend on the management of Municipal Solid Waste and the recycling options of each municipality.

From an environmental and public health point of view, proper management of waste in the stages following its generation makes it possible to mitigate negative impacts on the environment and health and reduce pressure on natural resources.

The Recyclers, BICA Roatan


As part of our solid waste management projects, BICA supports the recyclers through strengthening and equipment:

  • Legalization of Recyclers as an Association of Recyclers of Roatán (ARR)

  • Workshops for strengthening

  • Equipment: Five bicycles used to collect solid waste in the communities; uniforms (included boots, mask, glasses, gloves, pants, shirt, vests, caps) and others.

How you can help?

As part of our solid waste management projects,

BICA supports the recyclers through strengthening and equipment:

recycle-sign, How to help?

Waste Separation

Support the recyclers by separating your waste at home

contact us How to help?


Contact the recyclers to give them your separated waste, Contact: 9654-2825



Support BICA with the proposal on waste separation ordinance in the municipalities of the Bay Island


Ways to Give

Join us in protecting the stunning marine and coastal biodiversity of the Bay Islands in Honduras by supporting our conservation efforts and safeguarding the future of our oceans for generations to come.


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The Recyclers, BICA Roatan
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