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Beach Reforestation BICA Guanaja




Why do we do it?

We are carrying out reforestation projects on beaches, using coconut, icaco, almond and beach grape trees. Our goal is to create a source of biodiversity and contribute to the health of coastal ecosystems, particularly with regard to soil stability and erosion protection. This reforestation is also vital to preserve the health of the beaches, reefs, and marine park.

What  we are doing?

We carried out this reforestation with the purpose of benefiting both the communities near the beaches and the marine ecosystem. The selected trees play critical roles in stabilizing coastal soils, developing root systems that prevent erosion and help maintain the integrity of sand dunes. In addition, they contribute to improving soil quality by providing nutrients and organic matter through leaf fall and decomposition of plant materials

How you can help?

You can contribute to our conservation activities in several ways:



Join our beach reforestation activities as a volunteer to help protect coastal biodiversity.


Sustainable Practices

Adopt sustainable practices in your daily life to reduce your impact on the environment, such as reducing plastic consumption and conserving water.

Beach Cleanup


Join beach cleanup and marine biodiversity monitoring programs to help maintain the health of coastal ecosystems. 



Share information about the importance of coastal reforestation and marine conservation with others, encouraging greater awareness of these issues.

BICA Honduras Donate


Consider making financial donations to support our beach reforestation projects and protect coastal biodiversity.

Ways to Give

Join us in protecting the stunning marine and coastal biodiversity of the Bay Islands in Honduras by supporting our conservation efforts and safeguarding the future of our oceans for generations to come.


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Beach Reforestation BICA Guanaja
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