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Diving in the Reef

Waste, people and

reef health

Waste People and reef Health, BICA Guanaja

The overall objective of the "Waste, People and Reef Health" project in Guanaja is to adopt an environmental culture to improve the health of reefs and people in communities near Bay Island National Park.


Various activities were carried out, including surveys on waste separation in 66 households (in 3 communities: Armadores, Pelícano and Vista Hermosa), 3 brand audits were carried out where 758 pounds of waste were collected, 611 drift cards were launched, 8 talks on the origin of plastic and 8 on composting, in addition to 50 microplastic monitoring on 5 beaches (Sandy Bay,  Pierol, Dina, Michael Rock and The Soldier). These actions seek to raise awareness about proper waste management and reduce pollution on the island.

Waste People and reef Health, BICA Guanaja

Why do we do it?

To achieve our goals, we carried out various activities in Guanaja, such as household waste separation surveys, brand audits, waste collection, talks on the origin of plastic and composting, and monitoring of microplastics on beaches. We also designed and executed an environmental education campaign, promoted citizen science projects, and socialized municipal ordinances.

Ways to Give

Join us in protecting the stunning marine and coastal biodiversity of the Bay Islands in Honduras by supporting our conservation efforts and safeguarding the future of our oceans for generations to come.


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Waste People and reef Health, BICA Guanaja
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