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The drift cards are made of wood to allow their buoyancy on the surface of the sea and are painted with a yellow base (making sure to use non-toxic paint) to recognize them once found easily. In them, a message was written in English and Spanish with the objective of the study, the telephone contact and email, the date of the meeting, location, time, and a photo of the card (to verify its code), once it was found on the shore. The written message was as follows:

"(Drift Card No.) Scientific Study: Please report this discovery. We are using this card to study currents and marine debris, please report: location, date, time and an image."

Drift Cards BICA Roatan
Drift Cards BICA Roatan

The objective of this study is to know the dynamics that marine litter could have under different environmental conditions on the island of Roatán, Utila Island, Guanaja Island, Ulúa River, Chamelecon River and Motagua River (in Guatemala). To carry out each study, 3 driftcards were dropped every 300 meters around each study area, for example, for Roatán three driftcards were dropped every 300 meters around the entire Island of Roatán.

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Drift Cards BICA Roatan
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