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Francín Varela Murcia

Executive Director | BICA Utila

I am Francín Varela Murcia, born in Tegucigalpa, with a background in Biology. During my studies, Throughout my career, I have accumulated extensive experience in the study and monitoring of terrestrial and marine organisms and ecosystems, including sea turtles, mangroves, the Swamper Iguana, fish, benthos, and corals. As part of the AGRRA team, I supported reef health monitoring at various sites across the country.
My dedication to environmental conservation led me to engage in BICA Utila's Protection and Surveillance Program. I started as an assistant and, over time, assumed the role of coordinator. In 2023, my dedication and leadership led me to become the programs manager, contributing directly to the implementation of the organization's specific actions.

In 2024, I assumed the position of executive director of the Utila chapter, representing BICA locally, nationally, and internationally, while leading and supervising technical and administrative activities. My commitment to environmental conservation and the protection of marine ecosystems drives me to continue contributing to the well-being and preservation of our natural resources through my work at BICA Utila.

Executive Director BICA Utila
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