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Ocean Protectors BICA Guanaja

ocean protectors

An Ocean Protector is someone committed to the conservation and sustainability of marine ecosystems. The goal of the project from now and in the coming years is to transform the perception and practices of the fishermen of Guanaja Island regarding fishery resources. 

Ocean Protectors BICA Guanaja

Become an Ocean Protector

Join the Second Generation of Ocean Protectors in Guanaja!

We are pleased to announce the opening of applications for Divemaster Scholarships in Marine Conservation. Aimed at passionate and committed young individuals dedicated to preserving the natural resources of our beloved islands. This initiative seeks to train the next generation of Ocean Protectors by providing educational and professional opportunities in the fields of diving and conservation.


Download the following resources, for Application Online   or stop by the BICA office:

1. Terms and requirements Protectores del Oceano

1. Bases Protectors del Oceano 2024

2. Application Form

2. Formulario de Aplicacion
3. Letter of Interest P.O. 24  (Example)
4. Reference Letter P. O. 24  (Example)

Submit your Application Online
Ocean Protectors BICA Guanaja

Ocean Protectors

Application Form

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