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Mangrove Reforestation BICA Roatan



Mangrove Reforestation BICA Roatan

Why we do it?

Mangrove ecosystems are essential because they provide multiple benefits. However, due to the high demand for unsustainable tourism on the island of Roatán and increased development, which leads to drastic negative changes in the ecosystems, these forests are being depleted. We are carrying out this reforestation project to recover this ecosystem that provides multiple ecosystem services to humans. We focus on conserving and protecting mangroves through direct planting, reforestation, or seedlings and environmental education.

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What are we doing?

At the beginning and middle of each year, an inspection is carried out in both the municipality of Roatán and the municipality of Santos Guardiola. Monitoring is conducted in these two municipalities to select areas for reforestation. Reforestation takes place throughout the year, either through direct planting or planting with seedlings. Additionally, the mangrove nursery is maintained. During the seed season in June, July, and August, we meticulously collect seeds from the mangroves, a crucial step in our reforestation efforts. These seeds are then taken to the nursery for further cultivation. These activities are carried out with the support of volunteers, private companies, community members, and BICA technicians. Environmental education is also provided to schools, communities, and public and private stakeholders to raise awareness about the importance of mangrove ecosystems.
Quarterly, the reforested sites are monitored to assess the condition of the plants (mortality, survival, possible causes of death). Replanting continues as necessary. The expected results include increased water production in aquifers, reduced sediment load in coastal areas, community participation, and forest protection.

How you can help?



BICA carries out this project with the support of volunteers. You can participate in nursery maintenance activities, seed collection, reforestation, and monitoring.


Support funding efforts

To achieve the objectives of this program, you can make donations, both in kind and monetary. Many tools and equipment are needed to carry out the activities.

Support Our Efforts

Donating the necessary equipment and materials to continue our work is just a click away. Visit our Amazon wish list and make a direct impact on our program.



You can contact BICA through social media and report illegal activities in this ecosystem (mangrove area cutting and filling, wildlife capture, etc.). The reports are anonymous.

Ways to Give

Join us in protecting the stunning marine and coastal biodiversity of the Bay Islands in Honduras by supporting our conservation efforts and safeguarding the future of our oceans for generations to come.


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