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Plant a Tree BICA Roatan

Plant a tree

Plant a Tree BICA Roatan

Why do we do it?

Urban growth in the Bay Islands has led to the reduction of forests and urban green areas. It is important that children from an early age understand the importance of conserving forests and have a dynamic participation through reforestation actions.

Plant a Tree BICA Roatan

What are we doing?

As part of our reforestation program of native plants and in collaboration with the Support Roatan program, we donate a coloring book and trees to each fifth and sixth grade student of the different educational centers on the island of Roatan.
A brief talk is given on how to plant a tree, the benefits of these; a coloring manual on plants is given to each child, where later a fruit plant is given to the student to plant in spaces where they live.


During the year 2023, four educational centers were visited: Church of God School, Juán Brooks School, CEB Elfrida Brooks, CEB Arnaldo Auld, where students were made aware of the importance of green areas and a total of 400 fruit plants were delivered.

Plant a Tree BICA Roatan

How you can help?

Here's how you can contribute:

  • Collaborate in BICA's reforestation activities.

  • If you cut a tree, plant a tree in another area.

  • Promote green spaces in your community.

  • Report to the authorities people who cut trees on a massive scale.

  • Do not disturb the native fauna.

Ways to Give

Join us in protecting the stunning marine and coastal biodiversity of the Bay Islands in Honduras by supporting our conservation efforts and safeguarding the future of our oceans for generations to come.


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Plant a Tree BICA Roatan
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